Cianna Moua

Cianna was the baby that we never expected to have.  After multiple miscarriages, we concluded that we were meant to only have Zachary.  I can still remember the day I came home from work and Paj asked me to come up stairs to the bedroom.  She hands me this shoe box and my mind is a blank wondering what it could be.  Much to my surprise it’s a tiny shoe and a positive pregnancy test.

She was born on May 15th 2006 in Lawrenceville Georgia.  I took advantage of our birth proceedings and brought a camera into the operating room.  Back then video recordings were not allowed and only photo’s.  As delivery was occurring I switched the camera to video mode and was able to capture the moment of her birth.   At first, she did not come into the world crying, nurses held her upside down and got the fluid out then after a few pats she was crying up a storm.  After a successful delivery Cianna had jaundice and was in ICU for two weeks.

Out of all my children Cianna by far was the most difficult during the early months.  We had to rock her to sleep each night.  I remember rocking her to sleep in my arms walking around, she would fall asleep and as I put her in her crib she would cry again.  After about the 3rd night of not getting any sleep at all I finally broke down and bought a rocking chair.  I would spend many months in the rocking chair falling asleep with her and waking up with my neck sore.  She was also the naughtiest; she was always pushing my buttons and kept me busy at arm’s length constantly chasing her around.  With the bad comes the good also.  At an early age her favorite activity was swimming, any opportunity she had it was to the swimming pool.  During one of our fall breaks we spend a grand going to Disney Land and her favorite part was the swimming pool.  We also made multiple trips to PCB and again her favorite part was swimming.

Fast forwarding to Pre-K exams back in 2010.  She was at the Barrow County School Administration center and was trying to identify the symbols.  Teachers mentioned she should get her eyes checked but it could also be that she can’t identify some symbols.  Later on, that school year, she was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma.  After a successful surgery, she was in ICU for 13 days then rehab for another two weeks.  Those were the most stressful days that I can remember.  At the same time Paj had a rare medical condition called Placenta Previa compound Cianna in ICU and Zack at home.  It was a huge challenge balancing all three.   My wife had so much courage and strength to endure the pain and still be there for Cianna in ICU.  I still remember Cianna crying in the middle of the night asking for help to go to bathroom, unable to walk and not wanting to play.  She was a completely different person post-surgery.  It was devastating to watch her go through this and not know what was going on.  Simple little four-year-old fighting for her life.

Later on, we would seek radiation in Jacksonville, FL.  The treatment called for 8 weeks of treatment requiring us to be there full time.  Paj still had here medical condition but was cleared by the doctors to go to Jacksonville.  After the second week, things changed quickly for us.  Paj didn’t feel well and had to be admitted to Northside.  There she would be required to be on bedrest while Cianna and I were in Jacksonville.  We were blessed that my father in law was able to come and watch Zack and care for Paj.  Back in Jacksonville it was the pool again.  She couldn’t go swimming during the week as she had a port with IV in place but as soon as it was removed on Friday, straight to the swimming pool.  Our daily routine would consist of getting the free breakfast provided by the hotel.  I would grab extra so we could eat them for lunch.  Dinner usually consisted of left overs or KFC.  There was a KFC that was a block away.  10-piece chicken for 10 dollars.  Couldn’t beat that!  Usually we would stretch that for the week and just eat left overs.  Every Friday consisted of Cianna wanting to play Sponge Bob.  She would pretend she would make crabby patties and I would serve them.  After about an hour or so we would reverse roles.

This went on for weeks.  We would come home every other week to check on Paj and Zack and head back to Jacksonville.  Although the trip was only 6 hours it seemed like a 10 hour drive no matter how frequent the trip.  One day Cianna wanted burgers so we went to the local Denny’s.  I didn’t notice until later that it was Father’s Day.  I spent the saddest Father’s Day I can remember eating a black and blue burger with Cianna and her chicken nuggets.  I look back on this now and thank that I was blessed to have shared this moment with her.  Finally, the last day came.  It seemed like only yesterday now as she was prepped for her final treatment.  I can still remember the excitement of finally having completed it and seeing the MRI show that her tumor has now shrunk.

As Cianna embarked on her new adventures with her disability she was very upbeat and positive.  There were moments I can remember where she would cry at the frustration that she could no longer see and braille was what she had to learn.  Thankfully she strived and made the best of what her situation is.  Although there were many nights that we would spend hours reading and repeating her homework, it paid off.

In early 2016 Cianna was diagnosed with a new tumor except this time it was cancerous.  Treatment would consist of radiation.  This time we opted to stay in the local area verses Jacksonville as outcome would not differ.  After 6 weeks of treatment her cancer was nonexistent.  We were so blessed to this unexpecting news; our fears of chemo treatment were avoided.  Unfortunately, in December 2016 Cianna was diagnosed with a relapse of the same tumor in the spring of 2016.  Initially there were three tumors, largest 1”x1”.  After being on chemo for three weeks and Cianna loosing strength we were forced to go into ER.  A secondary MRI showed that she now has hemorrhage in the area that the biopsy was taken, excess fluids in her ventricles and a new tumor on her brain stem.  Doctors assessed that the chemo isn’t working and that her tumor is growing.  It’s heartbreaking when the doctors outline the next few months and what to expect.  We were offered Home Hospice as assistance as there isn’t much that the doctors can do unless she improved.  After a long battle with the cancer at home she passed away silently and peacefully on February 28th at 12:40PM.  She is survived by her father (Nom Shoua Max Moua), mother (Paj Tshiab Lo) and two brothers (Zachary and Drake).

Funeral services will be held 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday, March 10, 2017, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Lawson Funeral Home. Interment to follow 3:00 pm Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Hamilton Mill Memory Gardens in Buford, GA.  The family will receive friends 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm Friday, March 10, 2017 and 8:00 am to 10:00 am Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the funeral home.  Lawson Funeral Home, 4532 Hwy 53, Hoschton, GA, 30548,, 706-654-0966.

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