Vince Moore

Vince Moore, age 57, of Hoschton, entered into Heaven on Monday, July 13, 2020.  Born in Savannah, Georgia.  Vince was the son of the late Charles Moore and the late Joyce Elaine Reeves.  Vince had a passion for working with computers which led him to his career as network administrator for the City of Lawrenceville.  Vince met his wife Kenia in 2000 and from that moment they were always together; wherever you saw one you always saw the other.  Her precious “love” could do it all; electrical, remodel, landscaping, automotive, you name it!  Vince loved the great outdoors, camping, hiking and the firing range.  His favorite past times were reading and science fiction movies, spending time with his family who he adored, all of whom loved him just as much.  His memory will forever be treasured by his loving wife, of 19 years, Kenia Moore; son Christian V. Moore, daughter Lauren V. Moore; daughter Brittany Phelps (James); son Charles F. Moore; daughter Melissa Moore; granddaughter Patelynn Lingerfelt; sister Vivian Moore Groover; several cousins, nieces and nephews.  A viewing will be held 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Saturday, July 18, 2020 at Lawson Funeral Home Chapel.  There will be brief celebration of life at 12:00 noon, Saturday, July 18, 2020 at the funeral home chapel.  Covid-19 guidelines encouraged for everyone’s safety, wear a mask, social distancing seating will be observed.  In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be sent to Thumbs Up Mission, P.O. Box 2697, Gainesville, GA 30503 in his memory.  Arrangements by Lawson Funeral Home, 4532 Hwy 53, Hoschton, GA 30548,, 706-654-0966.

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  1. Vince was a valuable asset to Lawrenceville. I appreciate his service to our city and offer my sympathy to Kenia and his children and other family members.

  2. Vince was a man of dreams and most of his dreams he realized in his young life. I think his greatest gift was his loving family, he will certainly be missed. Rest in Peace in peace my brother

  3. For Vincent, what a wonderful man you were and are now in Heaven. I hadn’t been able to see you much in the last years but the last time we were together was wonderful. Your warm loving self was there and it means so much to me. I will miss you so much and I love you. I know my sister, your wonderful mama welcomes you with open arms. Thank you for being my wonderful nephew, I love you!!

  4. Vince was my friend for well over 30 years. He was an honorable man and would do anything for his family or friends. We have loss a special person. My God be with the family and know Vince is walking and talking to God.

  5. Kenia, I am so sorry for your loss. I was so impressed with your son today. Guess the last time I saw Vince was when his father passed. Richard (my son) looks just like Vince did back then and also sounds just like him. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God be with you.

  6. Vince and I became friends when we were 13 years old. We had many and I mean many adventures as we grew. Even as we left school and went our own ways we remained friends although we were only able to see each other a few times over the last 39 years as we lived far apart but we talked on the phone frequently. I last spoke with him a couple weeks ago and I am going to miss being able to call my friend and talk about our families and our adventures. Vince always said that we were lucky that our parents didn’t kill us or ground for life.. Rest in peace buddy you left a great legacy in your children and wife.

  7. Hi, I am Lauren.
    I am his youngest daughter. He was the best father the Lord could have given me. He was always ready to have fun and all he wanted to do was spend time with all of us and he was the reason we had fun. I miss him very dearly. He was always the life of the house. He was the meaning of fun to us. He loved every last one of us.He deserved the best and nothing but the best and that is why I am positively sure that the moment he left this earth he went straight to heaven and I mean straight to heaven. and I am so happy that he finally went to heaven that I feel like making cupcakes right now.I love him not loved but love. he is not gone he lives right here in our hearts.

  8. Vince Moore is the best dad ever. Though he was sick, he still managed a smile and a joke every now and then. He was kind, smart, and very loyal. Even when he knew his time was running out, he always told us that his fear was never of dying, but instead, of leaving those he loved. He was perfect in every way and though he is gone physically he is still enjoying a pain free eternal life with Jesus. Thank you dad, for the only, yet most spectacular 11 years of my life.

    Rest in peace my amazing dad.

  9. My sweet husband fought so hard to stay with us as long as possible. He did everything possible to give me that 20 years wedding anniversary we both wanted so dearly. Because renewing our vows meant so much to me, he was trying to do the impossible, as I now recognize that our Father in Heaven had other plans for us. But we didn’t know, and we were hopeful! Even in times like this, he was still putting me first, as always, because my happiness has always been a priority to him.
    Our story together was meant to be and had God’s hand in it from the beginning. What are the odds of two people from two different continents, speaking different languages and barely understanding each other’s language would love each other so deeply, grow so much together and make it this far without God’s blessings and match making super skills, right? 
    In 1962, the world was blessed with the most kind and gentle soul there is AND in 2000 that same wonderful, kind and gentle soul was gifted to me. Not too long after that (March,2001), he vowed to love me with every beat of his heart. And for 20 years, he did nothing short of living that promise. Consistently!
    As I reflect on our life together, I am certain that I am the luckiest woman alive. I have lived and shared so many happy and amazing experiences with a man that I am so PROUD to call my BEST FRIEND and the ONE AND ONLY for me. It was a great Godly gift to have shared a life with a man that ALWAYS put you FIRST. I guess I can call myself spoiled for having had a husband that loved and appreciated me everyday and that no matter what or how I looked when he came home from work… I was still beautiful in his eyes. It didn’t matter if his dinner was a hotdog or his favorite meal, he always ate it without complaint and most importantly, thanked me for it and probably “lied” (just a little though) that it was delicious. If I was too tired on a certain day to cook, he would say “don’t worry honey”, we can eat cereal OR he would order something he knew “I” liked (again, always me first).
    Often, I thought to myself – how lucky I must be that he chose me! And how lucky I must be to have met every criteria he had for the person he would choose to share his life with. The answer is VERY LUCKY if you ask me!
    My husband and I never had a million friends, but the ones we chose and trusted to be around us and our precious children are simply an amazing group of people. They, without a doubt added so much happiness and brought so many blessings to our lives.
    My husband was an incredibly special man. He had a way of making everyone so comfortable and happy around him. He had nurses, doctors, and everyone laughing during his many times at the hospital. Our special and sweet nurses at the infusion center couldn’t wait to see him on Wednesdays to spoil him with his favorite treat (I mean – who else would have nurses stashing NUTTY BUDDIES during the week to be sure he could enjoy them on Wednesdays? Only my husband).
    Our kids call him the LIFE of our home. He naturally made them laugh, even when he didn’t feel like it. He always made a point to stop whatever he was doing whenever they came to him to talk, or show something they were excited or proud of. This undivided attention showed them how important they were to him and still are.
    He never changed his way of living. While in the fight, he always made a point to reassure me and the kids that he and us would be okay. Because of who he was he never allowed the “happiness thermometer” to get below 99.9% in our home. When he didn’t feel like doing much, the kids and I were perfectly content to simply cuddle with him and watch whatever he wanted on TV because we benefited from a selfless and unconditional love.
    We were blessed with a ONE OF a KIND LOVE! And that is what you are: a one of a kind son, a one of a kind husband and absolutely a one of a kind father to our children!
    So, I want you to know that you have absolutely fulfilled your promise to love me for as long as you live and to live only for my happiness. AND “I” too love you, always have and always will.
    Donna Vanliere, once said: “Grief never ends…But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…It is THE PRICE of LOVE.” And I would do life with you all over again to experience the love we had – therefore, I am okay paying the price of love!
    Rest in Peace my wonderful and cherished husband and wait for me at the gate! Until then, I will be doing everything I can to raise our beautiful and wonderful little ones with you by my side in spirit.
    With the deepest love that I have for you,

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